Idyllic Ventures offers you the travel experience of your dreams. We help you Explore and Discover the authentic, vibrant, and true nature of East Africa with captivating Safari itineraries and Excursions. When it comes to accommodations and reservations hassle-free is an understatement.


From the elegant, luxurious, and personalized service of high-class hotels to pitching tents in the untamed wilderness of East Africa, we offer you a wide range of hotel options at the most competitive prices.



For a discerning traveler, East Africa is the ideal destination teaming with a rich cultural heritage and diverse travel options from the lush picturesque highlands of the Rift Valley which are rich with wildlife to the beautiful white sandy beaches of the coast. Watch Africa’s lethal predators in action at the Serengeti or the captivating wildebeest migration first hand at the Maasai Mara or cozy up in a five-star hotel with a butler at your service. East Africa is every travelers’ dream vacation.


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